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The decoration and look of the house play a major role in determining the mood of the place

Filling a blank wall on a budget can be tricky, especially when exceedingly high ceilings are involved. In this case, I like using wallpaper or bookcases to fill them out. A statement chandelier or cluster of pendants can also break up some white space from the top down. 

You have two main options here. In an ideal world, all your furniture would fit on your living room rug. Realistically, this solution can get very pricey very quickly. As an alternative, make sure that at least the front legs of your furniture sit comfortably on the rug. 

Introduce trends via small accents, such as throw pillows, a vase, or a table lamp first to test how it will work in the space. Consider layers, too. If you want to combine midcentury with tribal, an easy way to style the two trends side by side is to opt for a midcentury base (think chairs, dining table, etc.) and culturally inspired accents.

Consider the color palette of the room. People often select art that is in line with a room’s main accent color, but that can look overstyled and obvious. Instead, opt for a color that appears in a subtle way. If you have a navy sofa with a burnt-orange throw, look for art that picks up on that earthy color.

Choose one décor trend (minimalist, geometric, monochromatic), and pick one to three statement throw pillows that are print-heavy and trend-driven. Next, balance these with throw cushions that adhere to the same color theme but are less chaotic.

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